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There is a need for greater cooperation between China and Europe. This is why I will come here
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EuGEn Skermo, the director of Morava, an Albanian farm, has come to Ningbo for the fourth time. This time he brought in various products such as honey, red wine and fruits. Before the third China-Central and Eastern European Countries Investment & Trade Expo booth, he told the Shanghai Daily: "There is a need for greater cooperation between China and Europe. This is why I will come here."

As a group of exhibitors who first settled in the Central and Eastern European Expo, each year traders like Morava can attract a group of admiring regular customers in June each year.

This is one of the platforms for trade between China and Central and Eastern Europe, and it is also a microcosm of the continued warming of bilateral economic and trade relations. From June 8th to 12th, the Third Central and Eastern Europe Expo hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government was held in Ningbo. At the second China-Central and Eastern European Cooperation and Development Forum held during this period, leaders from sixteen countries in Central and Eastern Europe generally believed that the economic and trade cooperation between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe was fruitful and the "One Belt and One Road" initiative On the platform built, the exchanges in the fields of economy, trade and investment will be stable and long-term development, and the "16+1" international major channel for one China and the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe will also become clearer.

Transportation Network Interconnection "16+1" Build International Grand Channel

As an important port of departure for the southern end of the ancient Grand Canal and an ancient maritime Silk Road, Ningbo is a 搇iving fossil?that records the history of the 揃elt and Road? Under this guidance, Ningbo revolved around the goal of 揵uilding a world-famous port city and building an urban civilization in the east?and conducted all-round and in-depth cooperation and exchanges with 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee and acting governor, stated at the 2nd China-Central and Eastern European Cooperation Development Forum that Zhejiang Province will establish the China (Zhejiang) Free Trade Pilot Zone, the Ningbo 揙ne Belt and One Road?Comprehensive Pilot Zone and the Electronic World. The eWTP test area is an opportunity to deepen cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries in the following five aspects: deepening international trade cooperation, deepening industrial development cooperation, deepening scientific and technological innovation cooperation, deepening eco-tourism cooperation, and deepening cooperation in people's livelihood.

Vice Mayor Yin Yinliang of Ningbo City emphasized at the 2017 China Central and Eastern European Conference of Mayors held in the same period that in the next phase, Ningbo will promote the integration of logistics nodes along the 揃elt and Road?route, and strive to deepen the overall planning for interconnection and interoperability. Interconnection pattern. In addition, Ningbo will aim to build a more internationally influential port and shipping logistics service center, and will greatly increase the global port resource allocation capacity of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, accelerate the development of the shipping industry as the foundation, break through the high-end shipping services, and take advantage of emerging industries. It is an extension of modern port and shipping logistics industry system.

Among them, the Yi Daozhou Open Grand Channel is one of the major strategic platforms planned and constructed during the 揟hirteenth Five-Year Plan?period in Zhejiang Province, and has received great attention and favor from industrial capital.

The Shanghai Daily correspondent was informed that in the 19th China-Canada Fair held on the 9th, the Yitong Boat opened 13 large-channel signing projects with a total investment of RMB 42.11 billion. Among them, the largest contracted project is the Meishan Ocean Financial Town Sanchuang Base (Phase II) project in Ningbo, with a total investment of RMB 5.5 billion.

According to Li Xuezhong, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the construction of large-aisle roads will target Ningbo metropolitan area and Yiwu metropolitan area, and the countries and regions along the 揃elt and Road?line of China Unicom will build a spatial development pattern with two cores, creating a new balance of high-quality development. kinetic energy. It is estimated that by 2020, the total production value of the grand channel in Yiyizhou will reach over 45% in Zhejiang Province, and the cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port will reach over 1 billion tons, maintaining the world's top ranks. The establishment of an international trade outflow will be prominent, and the international high-end factor resources will gather. The open, sound and open platform for an open economic system has become the engine to participate in the construction of the 揙ne Belt and One Road?and the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

Focusing on the construction of large-aisle channels, Zhejiang Province has focused on 298 major projects including transportation infrastructure interconnection, open platform construction, urban internationalization, industrial transformation and development, and international capacity cooperation. The total investment is 2.3 trillion yuan.

The new goal also attracts expert advice. Hua Guang, a research associate at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, believes that the country needs to improve its urban distribution network. He proposed to strengthen the top-level design of urban distribution development, increase investment in urban distribution corridors, build a network of city distribution channels that integrates cadres and branches, and establish a complete network of urban distribution infrastructure to further improve urban distribution services and promote urban and rural integration. Delivery.

Intelligent Platform Interoperates Industrial Revolution to Unleash Cooperation Potential

From the time of the traveler Marco Polo, humanity has begun to explore the spirit of interconnection and mutual learning. The Minister of State for Croatia抯 Ministry of Tourism, Marco Polo Matursic, from the birthplace of Marco Polo, said that he believed that under the 揙ne Belt and One Road?initiative, cooperation between the two continents in many areas could be broadened.

Prana Patras, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade of Hungary, pointed out that the bilateral trade volume between Hungary and China hit a new high last year. He hoped that Hungary could play a more constructive role in the 揃elt and Road Initiative?and strive to become China. The entrance of goods into Europe.

According to Fu Ziying, deputy minister and deputy minister of international trade negotiations of the Ministry of Commerce, this year marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the ?6+1?cooperation mechanism. It is a critical period for the promotion of the upgrade and upgrading of quality, and is also the implementation of the results of economic and trade cooperation under the 揙ne Belt and One Road?framework. The important node period.

According to Chinese statistics, the import and export trade volume between China and the 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe increased from 52.1 billion US dollars in 2012 to 58.7 billion US dollars in 2016, an increase of 13%, accounting for the proportion of China-European import and export trade from 7.1 percent to 9.8 over the same period. %. Competitive and distinctive meat products, dairy products, wines, fruits, machine tools and other products from Central and Eastern Europe have entered the Chinese market. The balance of trade between the two countries has improved significantly and the trade structure has been optimized.

The Shanghai Daily correspondent also learned from the China-Central and Eastern European countries trade (cross-border e-commerce) matchmaking meeting that as of the 8th, the exhibitors from Central and Eastern European countries and Chinese domestic purchasers have already concluded transactions and reached an intention of purchasing goods worth 29.6 million US dollars.

New opportunities require deeper and more sustainable cooperation. Former Romanian Prime Minister Emile Bock of Cluj-Napoca said that the "One Belt and One Road" initiative is expected to make China and Europe a new community of interests, while the new industrial revolution will rely on the Internet to bring new interconnections.

Bock said that the new industrial revolution will be a technological and Internet revolution. China and the EU have important projects in this area, including the "digital EU" and "Internet+." Promoting the new Internet economy involves more than just wireless networks. It will also bring opportunities and millions of jobs to all business areas.

揟he 'One Belt and One Road' initiative linked together billions of people. This initiative is focused on people抯 employment and infrastructure needs that are most needed. This brings a good opportunity for Central and Eastern Europe to attract new investment. It also makes people pay more attention to economic growth and (100.00 -1.28%) sustainable development. It has the potential to make China and Europe a new community of interests, he said.

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