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Copper and copper alloy plate and strip manufacturing technology started implementation
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Recently, the national key research and development project led by Beijing University of Science and Technology, "High-performance high-precision copper and copper alloy sheet and strip manufacturing technology," has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and has entered the implementation stage.

With the pressing demand for copper and copper alloy strip foils, through the development of basic theories and core key technologies, high-end copper and copper alloy strip foil products are being developed to achieve industrial-scale production and product application research. The project was led by Xie Jianxin, academician of Beijing University of Science and Technology, as a project leader, and it has acquainted itself with advanced team participation in copper and copper alloy strip foils, including 5 R&D units engaged in basic research and development of key technologies, and 7 companies undertaking engineering. Applied production companies and a product application research company, namely Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Central South University, Dalian University of Technology, Nanchang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Ningbo Bowei Alloy Strip Co., Ltd., China National Color (Ningxia) Oriental Group Co., Ltd., Qinghai Electronic Material Industry Development Co., Ltd., Chinalco Luoyang Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Zhongcao Aobote Copper Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., Ningbo Xingye Shengtai Group Co., Ltd., Heze Guangyuan Copper Belt Co., Ltd., Guolian Automotive Battery Research Institute of limited liability company.

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