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When aluminum meets a car, what kind of "chemical reaction" will happen?
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In the impression, aluminum does not seem to be a rare metal, and it is applied to everything from aluminum alloy doors and windows to mobile phone laptop casings. However, this commonplace material has reached a "tall" automobile industry, but it has sparked a different spark.

Looking around the world, there are only a handful of automotive companies that have the ability to manufacture aluminum bodies. How can this "pyramid-spirited" technology change our car?

Since the emergence of a new method for the electrolysis of alumina, aluminum has been manufactured in large quantities and has been widely used, and gradually replaces high-density, heavy-weight, rust-prone steels, and is used in the manufacture of aircrafts and ocean-going ships. For industrial manufacturing, aluminum not only has great advantages in terms of weight, but also has excellent anti-rust properties and is more durable in various environments.

The use of aluminum alloys also brings huge advantages, such as lower fuel consumption, better acceleration and braking. Therefore, "preoccupation" is one of the most important duties of an engineer.

Take the recently launched brand new Jaguar XFL as an example. Although its length is better than its competitors, its body structure weighs only 297 kilograms thanks to its 75% aluminum alloy usage rate. The extensive use of aluminum alloys also helps to promote sustainable development of the environment. Statistics show that for every one kilogram reduction of vehicle weight, the fuel saved in the life cycle will reduce 17 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

For most automotive styling teams, the most painful thing is designing a moving curve that is dragged down by a limited process. The appearance of aluminum components has achieved the designer's perfect vision.

RC5754 high-strength aluminum alloy with the highest utilization rate has high strength and excellent molding ability, and is mainly applied to body reinforcements. AC300T61 aluminum alloy has high strength and high energy absorption advantages and is suitable for manufacturing body crash structures; AC170 aluminum alloy is flexible. Outstanding, for the production of complex body outer cover is no better. The integrated press side is stamped from a single piece of high-strength 6000 series aluminum alloy sheet to create a more pure and full-featured visual experience for the vehicle.

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